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Best Airsoft Guns 2023: Top recommendations by our technical department

Here at our Tech Department, we come across many guns every day, meaning that we see the good and the ugly day in and day out. We want to share the top brands and guns that our technical department recommends based on their thorough testing. These options have proven reliable, ensuring a fantastic experience on the field with minimal maintenance efforts required and many opportunities to upgrade down the line. We will cover cheap, mid-range, and high-end level guns, highlighting their key features and why they stand out to us. So whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, we've got you covered.

Cheap and Good Airsoft Electric Guns (AEGs):

More expensive doesn't mean better; these candidates are proof that you can get a good bang for your buck.

G&G CM16 Line
The G&G CM16 line is a fantastic choice if you want to get started with an affordable yet reliable gun. With durable polymer bodies, these guns are more durable than some metal counterparts, bringing you an ultra-light package that can stand a beating. The gearbox features high-quality internal parts that G&G is known for, allowing for easy upgrades if desired. With their solid gears and V2 gearbox base, the CM16 line provides excellent performance and customization options, allowing for some heavy upgrading to match any of your dream builds.

Specna Arms Core Series Airsoft Guns
The Specna Arms Core Series is worth considering for budget-conscious players seeking entry-level weapons. These guns come with a quick-change spring system, making it effortless to adjust their power, as the spring can be accessed from the stock tube and require no disassembly of the gearbox. That's a rare feature in a budget-friendly rifle (let alone, an expensive one). Despite the affordable price, Specna Arms maintains a high level of quality, ensuring a reliable and enjoyable gaming experience.

Army Armament AUG Airsoft Models
If you are looking for an AUG, the Army Armament AUGs are amongst the best available. They have a fantastic external finish and boast a durable V3 gearbox known for its longevity. Additionally, the AUG models provide ample battery space and offer easy spring changes when needed. If you're looking for a reliable bullpup design, these guns are an excellent choice and, given their V3 internals, allow for a decent range of upgrades to be added.

Mid-Class Airsoft Electric Guns (AEGs)

We are hiking up the price ladder, but does that mean we get more for our money? Let's look at some options in this budget and find reasons to go for them. CYMA Platinum Series (CM097D M4 QD Full Metal): The CYMA Platinum Series is one of our top pics for 2023 due to its exceptional mid-range AEGs. The material finish of their bodies surprised us, and their quick spring change system from the buffer tube makes these guns very easy to handle and customize. Out of the box, they deliver outstanding performance with a high-torque motor, a 13:1 gearset, and a Mosfet with a T-Plug battery connection port. This makes the new CYMA Platinum Series guns provide the outstanding performance you would have expected to only see when spending some extra severe change. In addition, their rotary hop-up system ensures precise and accurate shots, making them a reliable choice. Indeed, you have excellent compatibility, so if you want to upgrade to a long-range R-Hop Barrel System like those from Umbrella Armory, you can drop one in.

East Crane (E&C) Airsoft Guns
Speaking of CYMA, we tend to say that those E&C guns one up the CYMA lineup in terms of build quality, surface finish (anodization), and appearance with an exemplary rail system, surpassing even some accurate firearm models. While their models only run on standard trigger switch units, these guns also feature an easy-access spring system and well-designed gearboxes with an excellent compression system out of the box, ensuring zero air leaks and consistent FPS output. Aside from the switch unit, their internals really leaves little to wish for and, combined with their rotary hop-up unit, allow for easy and accurate adjustments. Compatible with after-market upgrades, if you want to take the performance further, you can pick up one of their 416-style models and expect excellent out-of-the-box performance without breaking the bank.

G&G GC16 Airsoft Series
The only one that can beat the G&G CM16 lineup is G&G themselves. The G&G GC16 series is another step up in both durability and performance, featuring lightweight yet durable metal externals, guaranteeing longevity on the field. With the same reliable gearbox shell as the cheaper G&G models of the CM16, the GC16 series stands out with its Electronic Trigger Unit (ETU) combined with an in-line Mosfet, which can even be further upgraded (PERUN ETU++). In addition, their 25k IFRIT motors are known to be amongst the best brushed AEG motors, providing exceptional power and responsiveness, making the GC16 a genuine charm. Overall, the G&G GC16 series is a beast on the field thanks to their additional upgrades, leaving some room for further upgrading.

High-End Level Airsoft Electric Guns (AEGs)

With the low- and mid-tier budgets impressing in terms of performance and external finish quality, those high-end offerings have only a tiny amount of room to improve. So let's see what they can do to justify their premium.

Krytac M4 Airsoft Versions
It's commonly known that Krytac M4s are amongst the best in durability and manufacturing quality, but how come? While it is true that Krytac's externals are amongst the best in the industry, this comes at the cost of weight, making their M4s the heaviest on our list. This added weight is quickly forgotten when looking at the various color options you can get for their beautifully designed and fully licensed M4 models that look just like their real counterparts. This brings us to another reason why Krytac guns are so beloved — they carry real steel trades from brands like KRISS or BARRETT. While these guns feature quick spring change capabilities, you have to remove the gearbox to get to the mechanism, but you can forgive them when you see their incredibly robust gears, which will last you for good. Equipped with a built-in MOSFET, they can handle powerful 11.1v batteries, although you won't see any ability to program them. Combining the Mosfet and the 30k motor from Krytac ensures a snappy and accurate shooting experience which can only be improved with some serious premium upgrades. Their hop-up unit and barrel system also convinced us, providing accuracy and consistency out of the box.

Krytac Kriss Vector
Another classic is the Krytac Kriss Vector. To many of us, the looks alone are reason enough to make it on this list, but given it boasts similar internals as its M4 brothers, you can expect a fantastic shooting experience. However, we must mention that this rifle comes with its own quirks and does require minimal part replacements over time. Although this gun is designed with tight tolerances and high-quality materials, this gun is a beast for close-quarters battles and mid-range engagements. The attention to detail and craftsmanship ensure a reliable and enjoyable airsoft experience and are a charm to look at and play with.

No such list can exist without one option to rule them all. Umbrella Armory has made it their task to look at all the above-mentioned options to find out what they can improve to leave nothing to wish for. Each rifle is tailor-made to your specifications, matching your play style to the teeth and combining the best possible internals to push an airsoft rifle's performance to its limits. Their top-of-the-line OCAW is custom-made to order to each player's precise requirements, using real steel externals, which make their rifles the lightest and most durable option on our list.


As with anything in life, you must always bargain your budget against the features you seek. However, as you can tell from our list, the beginning options are better than they seem, packing an excellent punch for their price category. Whether you're looking for affordable and reliable AEGs or seeking the ultimate performance from high-end guns, our technical department's recommendations will meet your needs.