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XM108HP BB-Shower 108rds

XM108HP BB-Shower 108rds

Item number: 10121300000

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BB-Showers from MadBull are by far the best and most reliable BB-Showers on the market and are compatible with almost all Grenade Launchers. The BB-Showers can be operated with Green Gas and Top Gas, Red Gas and Co2 should only be used with the "HP" models.

BB-Showers do not function in the sense of a grenade as known from the military field but according to a very sophisticated principle. The BB-Shower does not leave the launcher but only shoots the BBs in the BB-Shower. A BB-shower can of course be reused.

It can happen that a BB-shower no longer seals properly after use, this is because the gas valve is not closed properly. In this case, the BB-Shower can be unscrewed by about one turn (never open completely as small parts are usually lost). Then the plate at the rear end of the shower can be pressed in slightly with a long object (e.g. screwdriver, biros) so that it slides back into the correct position (must be flush with the back of the BB-Shower). If you have any problems, we will of course be happy to help you with further tips and tricks.
It is extremely important that appropriate protective equipment is worn during the loading process. For fair play reasons, we also advise against using the BBs at short distances, as they scatter very strongly and achieve quite a good muzzle energy.
When using Co2, a pressure of 300 to 400 psi is recommended.

Features & Details

1.99 J (approx. 466 FPS, 0.20g BB)

Dimensions and weight

10 cm
Length packed:
12.1 cm
3.7 cm
Width packed:
5.8 cm
3.7 cm
Height packed:
5.8 cm
0.23 kg
Weight packed:
0.257 kg


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