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SPR 300 Pro 2.8J

SPR 300 Pro 2.8J

Item number: 12076706000

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Color: Black
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SPR 300 Pro is a fully-licensed airsoft replica of an integrally suppressed, bolt-action sniper rifle manufactured by Archwick. The original firearm was introduced to perform specialized sniping missions using dedicated, heavyweight, subsonic ammunition - .300 AAC Blackout. This choice of cartridge, coupled with a highly-efficient suppressor, gave phenomenal results of only 121-123 dB, matching the Hollywood-esque levels of the emitted gunshot sound.
Like the original - the replica is finely crafted from high-quality materials, including anodized aluminum alloy and lightweight, wear-resistant polymers. The design allows quick and straightforward rifle disassembly into two main elements - the barrel with the bolt and internal mechanisms and the forend with a stock. This allows for more comfortable transportation and storage of the replica. SPR 300 Pro boasts official Brügger&Thomet markings painted on the upper receiver and the barrel.
The forend, AR-15-style pistol grip, and the stock are injection molded from high-quality, durable, and wear-resistant polymers. The handguard incorporates reinforced surfaces for exceptional durability and four QD slots for attaching slings. Additional bottom-places Picatinny rail grants an option for installing bipods. The left-side folding stock has an easily adjustable cheek-rest and rubberized baseplate for quick and proper aiming down the sights.
The upper receiver is CNC machined from high-quality aluminum alloy anodized black. The outer barrel, Picatinny rails, and elements of the handguard are also machined from the same material for superb durability.
The internal mechanism is built around the 45cc air cylinder guaranteeing above the average ar volume. Steel 90° trigger, CNC machined aluminum piston set, Hop Up unit, stainless steel spring guard, and precision 300mm long, 6.03mm inner barrel grant superior performance straight-out-of-the-box. The presented system is fully upgradeable up to the M170 spring.
The replica also boasts a dual magazine system - the rifle is fed either from a standard box magazine in front of the trigger guard or a VSR-spec magazine hidden in the frontal part of the forend. Both magazines have a capacity of 50 rounds.
SPR 300 Pro is an ideal sniper replica - it perfectly combines a high-performance mechanism with lightweight, durable construction into a slim, aesthetically looking, and compact bolt action airsoft replica.

Features & Details

Barrel thread:
Drive type:
Spring pressure
Firing mode:
Single shot
Inner barrel length:
300 mm
2.8 J (approx. 551 FPS, 0.20g BB)
Magazine capacity:
59 rds
Weapon model:

Dimensions and weight

51.5 cm
Length packed:
60.3 cm
17 cm
Width packed:
33.5 cm
7.1 cm
Height packed:
10 cm
2.92 kg
Weight packed:
4.22 kg


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19 September 2023

Fantastic out of the box bolt action

TLDR: Definitely recommending this bolt action, my favourite, easy to run with on the field, shoots awesome out of the box!; Longer review: I bought this to see if it can perform well out of the box as well as for future upgrades with a massive potential of 45cc cylinder. Also I really like the looks. OOTB it shoots excellent, with 0.45g BBs it's at 3.1Jish for me. The hop unit is great, though i switched the bucking for my favourite Modify X-Range. It's quite quiet actually, big plus for the acoustic foam and sound dampening piston and cylinder head. I relubed the inner cylinder but not using thick grease results in the twang sound from the spring. Trigger (VSR10 compatible) is awesome, responsive, short pull and snappy break. All steel, good quality! The hop unit is remarkable (also VSR10 compatible), comparable to AA quality, it has TDC. I am planning to upgrade it to 3.5J (average site limit in Cz), that might be an easy task by just switching the inner barrel (stock is 300mm) to 430mm, will see. The stock spring is already M170, so no chance on upgrading that unless you are okay with heavier pull. Though, after lubing everything with PTFE it feels quite easy to pull. Comparing to other known or competitive sniper rifles, SSG10 is worse quality and shoots worse, the TAC41 shoots well but the quality on SPR300 feels just better, it's lighter and easier to handle but the SPR300 is literaly 0 upgrade if 3J is enough for you unlike the TAC. Some small pluses – mags fit AR 5.56 pouches, collapsable stock Some minuses – new gun, not many upgrade parts available (well, for those who want to shoot more than 2.8J with heavy bbs, otherwise imo you don't need upgrade parts). Some screws needed to be tightened from the factory.