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Selvatica Tactical Mid GTX

Selvatica Tactical Mid GTX

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Color: Coyote
Size: UK 13
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Selvatica Tactical MID GTX is an advanced, mid-height, low-profile trekking shoe that perfectly blends high breathability with exceptional support, stability, and impact absorption.

Designed primarily as trekking shoes, Selvaticas are highly versatile and practical in varied terrains during spring, summer, and fall. Thanks to their well-conceived design and high comfort, they are also suited for military applications and standard, everyday use.

The shoes are manufactured from AKU-designed AIR8000® textile, rubber, and high-quality polymers in a matte, non-reflective color palette. The shoes utilize several modern technologies and patented solutions. The tech includes the Vibram® Selvatica Megagrip sole, IMS2 EVA midsole, Gore-Tex® membrane, Elica Natural Stride System, and OrthoLite® insoles.

The AIR8000® system increases the breathability elevenfold compared to similar textiles used in comparable boots. Even 20 years after its introduction, AIR8000® still remains one of the most advanced technologies, ensuring exceptional shoe breathability. Additional polyurethane film heat treatment increases the durability and minimizes humidity absorption.

The Vibram® Selvatica Megagrip sole is injection molded from high-quality rubber with a balanced grip that provides optimal performance in all terrains. The Elica Natural Stride System applied in the construction is an anatomical outsole that recreates the foot's natural shape.

The injection-molded EVA midsole grants feet stabilization and exceptional fit for best comfort over prolonged use. Gore-Tex membrane increases breathability, water resistance, and moisture wicking. The IMS2 technology was applied to amplify the connection between the sole and the midsole and to provide optimal shock absorption and foot stabilization for best comfort over prolonged use.

A redesigned fast-lacing system provides an easy and quick way of lacing the boots. The utilized materials and reinforced lance hole construction grant high wear resistance and system longevity.

Incorporated materials, technologies, and technical solutions make Selvatica Tactical MID GTX highly versatile, light, and durable shoes for military applications, outdoor, and everyday use in the field.


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