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0.25g Bio Precision BBs 4000rds

0.25g Bio Precision BBs 4000rds

Item number: 10151700000

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Bio-BBs from G&G are characterised by an excellent surface finish and first-class flight behaviour. Compliance with the permissible manufacturing tolerances is strictly controlled, so use with 6.01 or 6.03 precision barrels is possible without any problems. In our opinion, these are the best organic BBs currently available on the market. Unlike other manufacturers' "bio" BBs, these are actually 100% biodegradable; in a conventional compost heap, the BBs will completely decompose within around 120 days.


Features & Details

Ammunition weight:

Dimensions and weight

Length packed:
23 cm
Width packed:
19.8 cm
Height packed:
6 cm
1 kg
Weight packed:
1.028 kg


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