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Neoprene Face Protector

Neoprene Face Protector

Item number: 10120106000

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Color: Black
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If only goggles are used instead of a mask, the rest of the face is unprotected. The mouth in particular is a much too often neglected but extremely sensitive area. With the Neoprene Face Protector, the face is simply but effectively protected from flying BBs. This model is particularly suitable for combination with goggles (e.g. DLG goggles), as the area around the eyes is already well protected and primarily the lower part of the face requires additional protection.

Dimensions and weight

23 cm
Length packed:
24.5 cm
22 cm
Width packed:
24.5 cm
2 cm
Height packed:
3 cm
0.048 kg
Weight packed:
0.051 kg


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